Are you ready for the most amazing celebration of your dreams? If you’re searching for a beautiful place to say “I do”, I’ve got you covered! Colorado is full of breathtaking scenery, from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Sand Dunes. All love is welcome here. If you’re ready for a fun day out in nature, say no more!

Because love should always be your favorite adventure together.


“Thanks to Val, we had the most unique and special start to the rest of our lives. I couldn’t have asked for a more comfortable and carefully thought-out environment than the one Val created for us. We were encouraged to share jokes with each other and even add some silliness to what would otherwise have been a heavy and serious occasion. All of this I feel contributed to the very natural and heartwarming shots she was able to capture. I am so happy that we chose Val to organize and record this moment in our lives.”

“Easily one of the best decisions we made!”

Megan & Raul

Studying abroad in Australia

I'm Valerie

But my friends call me Val!

An adventurous spirit with Midwestern roots, my urge to explore has taken me across the globe photographing people through all walks of life. Recently, my heart settled me in Colorado where I capture your tender and unforgettable moments in the breathtaking wilderness surrounding Denver. My goal as your elopement photographer is to ease any worries and capture the authenticity of what will no doubt be an unforgettable day.

My favorite adventure...

My goofiest quirk is probably...

Pretending I know all the flags/penalties in football

If I had to pick sunrise or sunset...

Tough! Both are spectacular but there's something about sunrise that's just incredible

Favorite place to work...

Anywhere outdoors or a good comfy coffee shop


let's go


I love exploring new trails with my two crazy pups.
No matter where we end up, it’s always worth the view.

Time to celebrate YOU!

Eloping allows you and your partner to truly craft a day for yourselves. Plan to celebrate with all your favorite activities! Something to really remember.

Have fun & make memories!

The thing I hear most from brides about their big traditional wedding is that they didn't spend any time with their partner. With a day that is solely meant to be about you two, let's do just that!

Mocha & Maci


When I’m not out photographing,
I’m off on my own adventures!

This is YOUR day

Love is a lot of things, but I truly believe that one of the most important things is to have fun. I’m glad you’ve decided to elope and leave the stress of a big traditional wedding behind you. Let me tag along on your dream adventure and capture the genuine happiness and bliss on your special day. You’re not just a client. I genuinely want to form friendships with my couples. Let’s figure out what you need. Are you ready for one crazy fun adventure?!