I’ll be honest with you. I’m not quite actually sure how I got into photography. My Grandpa and Aunt always had a camera with them at family occasions, but I never remember being interested until I got into it on my own. My parents both laugh because they have no clue where I got my artistic side from. They’re both very opposite, being in the business and health fields. I think I’ve always just really enjoyed capturing and remembering fun moments with friends and family. I played a lot of sports, so I started out loving all of the action shots; the adrenaline from getting that “wow” photo. This led me to work at the paper in college photographing nearly every sport. I got my degree in photography, and found my first job where I had the opportunities to travel around the world. This job took me from the courts of Wimbledon, to the links at Pebble Beach, and to the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. From the fashion shows in Paris to the wineries of Napa Valley. From private cooking parties by world-renowned chefs to ballparks and stadiums across the country. I grew so much during those experiences and realized my love of travel and exploring new things. It’s what makes me happy. I knew I needed travel, adventure, and real genuine people for the work I wanted to pursue. This is when I realized that elopements were my jam! The ability to capture all the raw emotions of fun, laughter, love, and excitement with the addition of a stress-free adventure.

I photograph because I love capturing moments of pure emotion and joy. Sometimes the details in our memory fade away, even with huge, important moments. How amazing is it to be able to look back and relive your adventures, special moments, and pure bliss. No stiff poses, demands from family throughout the day, just you and the one you love doing what you love. This is your day to celebrate. Let me say that again… YOUR DAY! I’m not just a photographer, I’m your friend and biggest cheerleader, woo woo! I’m there for you, whatever you need. So let’s go on an adventure!

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“The best part of working with Valerie IS Valerie”

“Valerie is one of those people you meet and immediately feels like a best friend, sister, or someone you’ve known forever. Being photographed can always be a little awkward, but Valerie’s gift of making you feel comfortable and at ease through the entire process allowed me to enjoy every moment of my wedding and I honestly forgot the camera was there most of the time. The best part of working with Valerie IS Valerie. Not to mention the INCREDIBLE photos she delivered. They turned out better than I could have ever imagined! The minute I came across Valerie’s page, I knew she was exactly what I wanted! Now, I can’t imagine the wedding without her - from the sweetest custom coffee mugs she sent us before the wedding, to meeting up with her before to get to know each other, to her delivering sneak peek photos of the wedding the SAME night!! I was in awe of her thoughtfulness, professionalism and care she put into the entire process, and the photos we got in the end took our breath away. She was brilliant in her ability to highlight the Colorado surroundings and captured every tiny detail just the way we wanted, making a small, intimate wedding feel like an absolute fairytale!”

Hannah & Chris

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